Our assistant, in the middle: Vicky Bureau
Our nurses: Julie Bertrand, Lucie Lalonde, Isabelle Renaud and Karine Dagenais
Claudie Gauthier

Dr. Claudie Gauthier

Ph.D. in Family Medicine from the University of Montreal in 2000, she completed her training with an additional certification in emergency medecine. Dr. Gauthier worked several years in the emergency and in the general ward at Cité-de-la-santé hospital in Laval.

She also is a family physician in the Laurentians region. Both her experience and expertise have enabled her to provide varied medical interventions to clients of all ages.

Geneviève Lavergne

Dr. Geneviève Lavergne

Dr. Lavergne obtained her doctorate at the University of Laval in 1998 and in family medicine at the University of Montreal in 2001. She then practiced emergency medicine at the Cité de la Santé de Laval hospital. It was during these years that she gained solid experience in the diagnostic and treatment of both minor and major medical conditions.

Since 2007, Dr. Lavergne has combined the work of pediatric care at the hospital as well as at a medical clinic. Her interest in pediatric care stems from the unique relationship that is built over time with the child and their family. She is particularly interested in periodic reviews 0-2 years and annual checkups.